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Cute animal video of the week (2/18)

Posted Wednesday, February 20th 2013 @ 9am

You know what they say about sleeping dogs....


Recommended Stories

-July 7, 2014-

Hour 1
3:00 -- Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, joins us to talk about the latest developments in the IRS targeting scandal; the NSA is collecting personal conversations of hundreds of thousands of Americans without warrants; outrage over a racist outhouse.


Hour 2
4:00 -- A shark bites a swimmer and people blame a fisherman for agitating the shark; there's no such thing as Yeti & Bigfoot; a Georgia man witnesses a carjacking but then the 911 operator debates whether it was a theft or carjacking.


Hour 3
5:00 -- Ron Woodard, Director of NC Listen, joins us to talk about a City of Charlotte proposal to issue ID cards to illegal immigrants (and all residents).

5:30 -- Jay DeLancey, Executive Director of the NC Voter Integrity Project, joins us to give us a report on today's hearing on the NC voter law changes.





-July 8, 2014-

Hour 1
3:00 -- Ira Mehlman, Media Director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, joins us to talk about the crisis at the US-Mexico border. 


Hour 2
4:00 --  More discussion and calls on the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border. 


Hour 3
5:00 -- Lt. Gov Dan Forest joins us to talk about budget deals, teacher pay, Common Core, and how America has turned its back on God. Plus, Asheville lands on a list of the Friendliest US Cities.



July 9, 2014

Hour 1
3:00 -- Jennifer Emmett, editorial director for children's books at the National Geographic Society, joins us to talk about the book "Weird But True: Ripped from the Headlines." 

Plus, the Buncombe County Commissioners adopt a budget with half a million dollars to pay 1,400 employees comp time - because the Register of Deeds gave HIS employees a day of during the February snowstorm.


Hour 2
4:00 -- Pete fights against an impending stroke over the comp day issue. Plus, the President's spiritual adviser comes to Hot Springs and goes on a racial rant.

Hour 3
5:00 -- CompDayGate continues. Plus, Governor Pat McCrory joins us to talk budget and teacher pay raises.




July 3, 2014


Hour 1
3:00 -- Cooking fish at the office; the Governor warns against wearing Stupid Hats; cannabidiol oil gets state approval for kids with epilepsy
3:30 -- Dr. Merrill Matthews joins us to talk about the unintended consequences of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling, how more than half Americans receive government benefits, and how energy policy could determine the US Senate race in NC.


Hour 2
4:00 -- Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) comes to Hendersonville to campaign for Rep. Mark Meadows. Plus, what the left thinks the role of the Supreme Court. Also, the benefits of the gut.


Hour 3
5:00 -- The Declaration of Independence.









-July 4, 2014-

No show. Happy Independence Day!